Libbets Well

Libbets Well is a holy well or sacred spring in Crediton thought to date from the 17th century (or earlier) and dedicated to Saint Elizabeth.  Holy wells were traditionally used for curative purposes; being known for their healing properties.

Sited in the cob garden wall of the neighbouring Priory Cottage, with a vaulted stone roof.  The well is close to the Parish Church and is the site of an ancient priest’s hostel (possibly also a leper hospital).  The well is served by a spring and feeds a small basin in front.  In recent years, locals have reintroduced the tradition of leaving gifts of flowers and other offerings at the well.

Libbets Well is tucked away behind Church Street.  To find it, walk down the road to the left of the church (towards Newcombe’s Meadow).  There will be a narrow lane shortly after Libbets Cottage on the left; head down this and follow the curving path for a few yards.  The well will then be in front of you.

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