Kennerleigh is a small hamlet tucked away in the beautiful countryside.  Surrounded by fields and hillsides, with a network of footpaths discover the farming heartland of Mid Devon. It shares a circular walk with Woolfardisworthy.

It has a strong community spirit with a community-run shop that provides locally-sourced everyday essentials.

Kennerleigh Church is dedicated to St John the Baptist, whose festival is celebrated on Midsummer’s day each year.  The lovely Church building is central to the Parish and has held regular worship for nearly six centuries.  Growing from a small chapel of ease, it is now one of modest size suitable for Kennerleigh’s needs as a community. The Church building is lovingly cared for and decorated and the churchyard is regularly maintained by teams of dedicated volunteers.

The nearest pub is the Black Dog Inn (which is also a B&B). They hold monthly theme nights such as Greek, Indian, Thai etc.

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Rainbow over Kennerleigh Community Shop