Bishopswood Meadows

Bishopswood Meadows is a nature reserve cared for and maintained by Somerset Wildlife Trust. Based on the Blackdown Hills AONB, the reserve comprises five fields on a gentle north-facing slope with the River Yarty at the base. Much of the wildlife interest at the reserve is due to its history relating to the lime burning industry. The mix of calcareous (lime rich) and neutral soil conditions have provided habitat for a good range of plant life.

Dogs allowed on a lead.

Close to Mount Fancy Farm Butterfly Conservation Reserve.

Look out for:

Old spoil heaps created by quarrying activity are much liked by Cowslips, Dwarf Thistle and Quaking Grass. Early Purple Orchids and Common Spotted Orchids also occur across the reserve. Common Blue, Ringlet and Marbled White butterflies can all be seen in summer.

The wetter fields have areas of rush pasture with species such as Marsh Marigolds and Ragged Robin.

The River Yarty, which borders part of the reserve, is an important habitat in its own right and is used by Otters, Kingfishers and Dippers. The large Golden Ringed Dragonfly is also a regular here.

All of the fields in the reserve have thick hedgerows of Hazel, Field Maple, Ash and Holly which is great habitat for the Hazel Dormice that occur in the reserve.

Parking / Access:

No onsite parking provision. Park in Bishopswood village and walk down past village hall. Lane off road at ST 252 129, 400 metres from Bishopswood village.

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