Bakers Devon Honey

Bakers Devon Honey, tasty and pure honey & honeycomb

From Field to Fork:

Paul and Kim Baker run their business, Bakers Devon Honey, from their farm in Bradninch, Cullompton. They care for the bees on their farm and in return receive pure honey and honeycomb.

The natural honey is full of all the right goodness and makes the perfect condiment to pair with some warm, buttery toast.  Or drizzled over some porridge to add some yummy sweetness! Paul and Kim’s commitment to their business, as well as the local environment and wildlife, is made evident in their wonderful produce.

Not only this, the bees themselves play a key part in their integrative, regenerative farming methods. When the bees visit flowers, they spread their pollen and nectar, helping to improve soil microbial activity and nutrient cycling. This pollination process in turn improves the crop yield.

As you can see, you will find an abundance of beautiful wild flower meadows at Paul and Kim’s farm – a wonderful habitat for all sorts of wildlife and the perfect playground for their bees!

Their 350 acre farm comprises of grassland and arable, with large areas adorned with wildflowers. The beehives are occasionally moved around the farm to be closer to the food sources, so that they can forage through the wildflower plots and the extensive woodland adjoining the farm.

Their pure honey is made on-site, and is available locally across Mid Devon. You can purchase Bakers Devon Honey from the Stokehouse Farm vending machines (self-serve stations at the Moorhayes Community Centre in Tiverton and the Culm Valley Sports Centre in Cullompton. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). You can also order honey from their Facebook page @DevonHoney, and get it delivered straight to your door.

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