Happy International Coffee Day

October 1st is International Coffee Day!

International Coffee Day is celebrated on the 1st of October each year. The holiday recognises the millions of farmers whose livelihood depends on this aromatic crop. International Coffee Day also provides the perfect opportunity for all coffee lovers to share their love for this drink.

Latte, cappuccino, Americano, espresso, Arabica, Irish, flat white… However you prefer yours, enjoy it with a countryside view at one of our many coffee shops and cafés around Mid Devon.  Visit our Eating Out page for more info on where to enjoy a cup of coffee in Mid Devon.

Not only do we have great coffee shops, we also have three coffee roasters bringing the best of the beans to Mid Devon:

Cup of Coffee on Tree Stump

Roastworks Coffee Co.

Roastworks is a small, independent speciality coffee roaster based in Willand. Their coffees are not defined by strength, but by flavour.  Experience select coffees that are vivid and characterful. All their coffees are ethically sourced from single farms, cooperatives or producers who have committed themselves to quality.

Coffee Beans

Crediton Coffee Company

Crediton Coffee Company create in-store artisan roasting of small batches of specialty coffees stocked from around the world.  You can also visit their shop to enjoy a cup of coffee or buy a bag of beans.  See the roaster in action and smell the fresh coffee.  Learn about what goes into producing that delicate warming black gold.

Coffee Beans in Heart Shape

Indian Coffee House

Based in Cullompton Town Centre, Indian Coffee House import coffee beans giving you all the exotic flavours of authentic Indian coffee.  Working closely with producers on the plantations of south India, they source triple-A grade beans. 

 For more information about International Coffee Day, visit: https://www.internationalcoffeeday.org/.

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Enjoying a cup of coffee