The Flock That Rock – Tiverton Swan Trail

The Flock That Rock – Tiverton Swan Trail promises to be a wonderful blend of art, nature, and community. Elegant swans, each with a unique design by a local artist, will be placed at key locations around the town, transforming Tiverton into a scene of artistic expression.

Trail maps will be available from the Tourist Information Centre (at Tiverton Museum), Tiverton Library and the Visitor Centre at the Canal Basin from Wednesday 3 April 2024. Twelve swans will be located around the town, with a naughty escapee 13th swan, ‘Swanning Around’, to find.

Keep an eye on the The Flock That Rock Facebook page for all things Swan Trail and updates and clues on where Swanning Around is hiding!

The trail will be running from Wednesday 3rd April 2024 right up until Wednesday 30th October 2024.

Categories: Family, Guided Activities and Tours


  • Family Friendly
  • Free Entry

Venue: Tiverton Town Centre

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