Exeter Literary Festival: Book Launch

Exeter Literary Festival: Elizabeth Ducie and Richard Handy

Two local authors, Elizabeth Ducie and Richard Handy, launch their latest novels in the relaxed but literary atmosphere of The Bookery, Crediton’s community bookshop.

Loyalty and Lunacy is an edgy historical fiction based on true events. It is set in 1913 on the country estate of Sir Cuthbert Ackroyd, and with a strong element of suspense driven by the personal relationships and conflicts between the characters. Gertrude, a young scullery maid, dreams of a better life with her love, John Anderson. But she owes a debt of honour – no thanks to Master Davy Christian, a drunken aristocrat and malcontent. Davy lusts after Gertrude and uses the class divide to hide his wickedness, and with war looming, Davy plans the demise of John, and everyone and everything that she holds dear. John and Gertrude’s worlds soon spiral into madness… This book is written from the heart and carefully researched. If you enjoyed reading books like Atonement by Ian McEwan, or Charlotte Gray by Sebastian Faulks, then Loyalty and Lunacy is for you. Join us as Richard Handy takes us through the inspiration for the premise, plot and characters in his latest novel.

Simon Mountjoy is the local boy made good. Returning to Coombesford after making his fortune in London, he spends thirteen years renovating his family home. He brings employment and prosperity to the village; but he also has a talent for upsetting people.  Lots of people have reason to hate Simon; but who hates him enough to leave him dead at the bottom of the waterfall? Charlie Jones gives up chasing villains and moves her family to Coombesford in Devon. But there are villains in Devon too! Murder at Mountjoy Manor is the first in the series of Coombesford Chronicles  set in a fictional village in south Devon and featuring amateur sleuths, Charlie Jones and Annie McLeod. Think Midsomer Murders in the Haldon Hills.

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Venue: The Bookery

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