Christmas Tree Festival

Crediton’s popular Christmas Tree Festival returns this year, running from Thursday 2 – Sunday 5 December.

Crediton’s Parish Church hosts the annual festival (which due to COVID could not take place in its normal form last year) and features a multitude of decorated trees throughout the Church.  2019 saw 75 illuminated trees for visitors to enjoy!

Crediton has strong links to the origin of the Christmas Tree tradition through the Patron Saint of Devon, Saint Boniface.  Born in Crediton in 680AD, Boniface grew up to become a missionary.  While in Hesse, Boniface felled a sacred Oak tree (dedicated to Thor).  Legend tells how a small fir tree grew in the place of the Oak and became a Christian symbol to the locals who, from then on, placed decorations on the tree each Christmas.  The small fir tree became the first Christmas Tree.

Event Information

Opening times on all days are 11:00am – 6:00pm.  Light refreshments (soup, sandwiches, puddings and cakes) will be served in the neighbouring Boniface Centre from 10:00am – 4:30pm each day (2-4.30pm on Sunday).

The North Creedy Choral Society will hold a concert on the Saturday evening at 7.30pm and on the Sunday there will be a Family Carol Service at 6.00pm.

COVID update: We are not able to offer tours of the bell tower and Governors’ room this year.

About the Venue

Crediton Parish Church (formerly called the Church of the Holy Cross and the Mother of Him who Hung Thereon) is a prominent building in the historic market town of Crediton. The church stands on the site of what was Devon’s first Saxon cathedral until 1050. A Norman church was eventually built in its place in the 1130s when a collegiate church was established. The nave and chancel were completely rebuilt in the 15th century and still stand today.

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  • Accessible/Wheelchair Friendly
  • Family Friendly
  • Free Entry
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  • Toilets

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